Artist Statement

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Every time we access a memory, it morphs, moves, like a series of ghost prints. In the process of re-representing, the image can get so abstracted that it becomes problematic especially in relationship to the people and places that are rendered. Abstracted so much, that anyone can lay anything, baggage, perceptions, ideas onto it; onto us. But what do we do without trying to hold onto false senses of representation?

There’s a moment in-between where we can create beings that float; existing between the places we've seen and our desire for belonging in them. This is a place; a mental place, that many immigrants occupy. We cannot physically access these places but the shifting landscapes that form familiar patterns, textures, even smells help us to navigate our personal universe.

My work employs the depiction of domestic spaces, fauna, found patterns, fabric and family members. My investment with the notions of home and family as subjects, create a place in which estrangement and absence occur. The desire for reinvention and resurrection of nostalgic subjects into narrative devices is translated through processes of representation, mark making and color, which speak to the attempts, wishes, and potential failures to inhabit the home.